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Added a second widescreen monitor

July 10th, 2009 4 comments

I found a sweet deal on Slickdeals for a Samsung 2333SW monitor, so I picked one up:

I now have dual-screens again, a 22″ Samsung 226BW and the new 23″ 2333SW:

I’m not entirely thrilled with having one of the screens vertical, though, it’s causing alignment issues and I’ll have to use separate wallpapers on each screen.  Unfortunately, the new monitor came with a DVI cable that’s way too short, so I’ll have to rummage around for a longer one before I can turn that one horizontally.

My old monitor is attached to an Ergotron LX mount, so I can move that one freely, but the new one comes on a base that isn’t very movable.  Hopefully I can avoid having to buy another mount.

Now I just need to get the colors calibrated.  The colors are way off on the new monitor (either that or my old monitor has always been way off, in any case, they’re nowhere near close to each other).  Does anyone have a Spyder2 or other calibration device that I could borrow for a few days?